Graham Process Mapping 8.0 for Windows

Understand and improve business processes quickly, clearly and completely.

The Graham Process Mapping method has been the Business Analyst's choice for business process analysis since 1944. Graham Process Mapping Software is an affordable process mapping tool that makes it easy for you to understand, improve and manage business processes. You will prepare process maps that tell a story:

  • WHAT is going on
  • WHAT items are used
  • WHO is doing the work
  • WHERE the work is being done 
  • HOW LONG it takes

No other type of process flowchart supports decision-making, analysis, training and procedure writing as effectively as a Graham Process Map. The structured, fundamental approach of the Graham Process Mapping method helps you prepare process maps quickly and consistently. A library of Graham Process Maps provides a solid foundation for continuous process simplification.

Don't settle for abstract, high-level flowcharting methods intended for system development that discount the work that people do. Demand the number one tool for business process analysis and continuous improvement: Graham Process Mapping Software.

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