What you have been able to accomplish is “flipping amazing”
— Alberta Deputy Chief Justice Allan Lefever, addressing the Alberta Justice analysis team

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Give us ten days and you will transform your organization

In the face of budget cuts you still have a job to do. The Government of Alberta will have far fewer resources, but expectations will be just as high.

We can help.

Suspend your disbelief!
— Tim Owens, Court Case Management Project Lead, Alberta Justice

Eliminate Inconsistent and inefficient processes that cost you time and money

  • get more done with your existing resources by reducing wasted effort
  • ensure the right people are working on the right tasks

Do it while taking care of your front line staff

Because of how the Ben Graham Program approaches business process improvement, increased efficiency won't come at the expense of staff morale:

  • make substantial improvements by letting the people who do the work find the best solutions
  • let your front line staff take ownership of the changes that need to happen
  • reduce staff anxiety by giving them the power to improve their work environment


  1. Give us ten days and let us guide you through a transformational process improvement project.
  2. Attend a workshop and learn how you can apply the Ben Graham methodology in your organization. Register for our September 15-16, 2015, workshop.

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