Consulting Services

Our team of experienced professional consultants is available to work within your organization on all aspects of process improvement projects.

Data Collection and Drawing Charts

Your employees receive the utmost respect from our consultants because we believe that the people doing the work are the ones best suited to improve it. We collect data by observing your employees as they do their work, with minimal productivity loss. All data collected is shared and confirmed with the employee to eliminate concerns and ensure accuracy. Through direct observation we ensure that the improvement team is always working with facts.

The data collected is then documented on a process flowchart. Our consultants work rapidly, normally documenting 100 or more steps per day (with most processes being under 500 steps). Completed charts are openly displayed so that everyone is fully aware of the work in progress.

Analysis and Improvement Sessions

Once a process is completely documented and charted, our consultants guide analysis and improvement sessions with improvement teams that consist primarily of the people who do the work. The team typically meets on a part-time basis (half days) to identify significant improvements in the way that the work is done. New charts are drawn and the recommended changes are documented.

It is important to note that during improvement sessions our consultants act as facilitators and do not make personal recommendations on what improvements should occur. Our consultants recognize that the people who do the work have a vast amount of knowledge about the process. This knowledge ensures radical, yet workable, solutions

Preparing Recommendations for Management

Our consultants assist and coach the team in preparing and presenting their recommendations to management. Ideally, recommendations are presented immediately following analysis, by the improvement team, and management comes prepared to make decisions, keeping in mind that both "yes" and "no" are valid management decisions. 


Employee acceptance is assured because the people doing the work have actually made the recommendations for improvement. We recognize that fast and visible implementation of approved recommendations is critical to the implementation process. Our skilled project managers ensure that approved recommendations are implemented on time and within budget.

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