Do More with Less ... Waste

How often do you go to work, do your job, and wonder how your work impacts others? Many of us work “alone” and have no idea how our work affects other departments in our organization.  I’ve seen many companies which function in silos or groups that work relatively independently. Where there is crossover, there often is not a lot of time spent working together.

Have you ever created a report and wondered why it was needed or who would be using it? If you do know, have you asked if it contains the information that they need?

I was working with a company last fall and one department created a sales report and sent it to both the finance and legal departments. When we met with these two departments to follow the flow of the report, we asked what they did with it and both departments replied that they deleted it as they didn’t need the information at that point. They only needed the final copy. Very quickly, we were able to realize that the purchasing department was wasting time and resources creating and submitting an unnecessary report, but also that the finance and legal departments were wasting time dealing with an item they didn’t need.

Using the Ben Graham methodology, we follow items as they travel within or between departments. The maps we produce help with the bigger picture and give a sense of understanding about how work impacts others.   When we have all relevant departments in a room, we often have many “aha” moments which often help solidify the importance of the work that people do. We are able to root out inefficiencies and determine the impact on one department of changing work in another.

Let us help you do more with less waste.