Form Frenzy

Have you ever filled in a form that just didn’t make sense? Maybe you had to supply unnecessary information? Or possibly, the information you needed to fill out was scattered in various places on the form? Or the form didn’t follow the logical progression of the process. Regardless of the issue, it likely left you frustrated.

Forms are a necessary part of today’s world; and they’re everywhere. We’ve gotten more technologically advanced with PDF fillable forms and online form submissions, but have they really gotten more efficient or have we just taken the frustrations that existed with them before and transferred them to a new platform?

How many forms does your organization use on a regular basis? Are they the most efficient they can be? We have a tendency to create forms without taking the time to evaluate their intended purpose, and where they fit in a larger process, which creates frustration by those filling them in. If they are meant for your customers, frustration leads to bad impressions. Internally, wasted time also leads to frustration.

Using the Ben Graham Method to map a process gives you a clear progression to follow. Using the map to design the form ensures that you are collecting the right information, but also that you are collecting it in an order that makes sense. By looking at the whole picture, you can confirm you aren’t wasting time (yours or your customers) and that the data you collect is truly useful to your organization.

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