Success doesn't have to take forever

The following quote was from a project I did in January: mapping an Incoming Hardware Processing Process... new equipment coming in that needed work done on it before delivery to a client.

“Mapping out the process behind the work orders has helped to not only identify trouble spots, but to separate the boundaries of where my responsibility ends and where it should be transferred to others. This has helped me to not only cut down the amount of work involved in each order, but it has also given our team a better framework to take ownership of tasks. It also means faster turnaround time on hardware for our clients and ends the risk of having orders becoming forgotten and sitting for too long.
The whole process was quick to map out my tasks, and the ability to see my job laid out in a visual format helped give me the framework I needed to explain the details of what my job entails to my coworkers. The knowledge that came out of this has been invaluable to the understanding that helps us work as an integrated team.” David, purchasing agent

For this project, I mapped the process with the purchasing agent and then met with everyone involved in the process. Prior to this session, there was confusion regarding ownership of various parts of the procedure, which lead to a breakdown. After studying the map we prepared, we developed a simple method which would create a ticket using their existing ticketing program so that progress could be tracked. We also empowered the right people at the right time to manage their part of the process and therefore hold others accountable.  Some of the changes were so simple that they were able to implement those almost immediately.

I checked back in with them recently to see how everything was going... everyone was happy and there was a definite sense of relief. Work orders were coming back fully complete and equipment turnaround time had decreased significantly, improving their customer service.

In contrast to many consulting approaches that can take months to develop recommendations and then implement, the Ben Graham Program is able to walk you through developing recommendations and getting approval very quickly. Simple ones can then be implemented swiftly.

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