Welcome to our blog!

Welcome to the Ben Graham Program blog, a new feature to highlight the human side of business process improvement. One of the fundamental philosophies of the Ben Graham Program that speaks to me the most is the “respect for the dignity of people and work.”  We thought our website, rather than just being about the nuts and bolts of our process, should reflect that same human side.

First a bit about me. Honestly, a year ago I was like many of you who are visiting this website for the first time. I didn’t know anything about Ben Graham, and had never heard of the Ben Graham Program. But I had spent much of my career working on process improvement informally, both as a teacher and a business manager. What a revelation to be introduced to an established system that consistently works. The first time I heard a story of the Ben Graham methodology in action, I was sold. Our client wanted to grow their membership 500% but their coordinator was at capacity. With the existing process, they would have had to hire several more staff to handle the increased volume. Instead, applying the Ben Graham Program allowed them to streamline their membership management processes so much that the coordinator herself felt she could handle the growth with no additional hiring required.

Since then, I have witnessed firsthand the effect on people... in management and on the front lines… the looks on their faces when it all just clicks and they realize they have the power to make the necessary changes.

I want to share these stories with you. As a former teacher, I know it’s not enough to just tell you what we do… I’d like to show you, to share the success stories, and to give examples of the profound effect that a well-structured proven process improvement program can have.

You can actually do more with less… less time, less waste, less resistance, less stress.

I look forward to sharing the coming journey with you.

Jacquie Surgenor
Director, Ben Graham Program